What socks to wear during hiking ?

socks are such boring, and often smelly, pieces of equipment that many people might wonder why I’ve created a page about them. Well, it is quite simple. The boring sock can make or break a hike. The sock is, second to the hiking boot, the most important piece of equipment worn hiking.

Why are socks so important? There’s a multitude of reasons.

First, wearing the wrong type of sock hiking is a guaranteed route to acquire the nemesis of all hikers—blisters.

Second, a dedicated hiking sock prevents stinky feet—another curse of hiking, especially in warm weather. Continue reading


Using the Lawn Mower – Lawn Care and maintenance TIPS

Hopefully you aren’t already feeling overwhelmed at the amount of effort and care you should be putting into your lawn mower maintenance, because there’s one more thing worth mentioning. When you are actually using the machine, you have to be careful what you run over. Keep the lawn mower blade’s diet strict—only grass and the weeds that grow in the grass. Dead leaves are OK to run over, especially if you have a bag on the mower (Pro tip: mowing is a great alternative to raking!). Easy isn’t it ? Hope you liked our Lawn Care and maintenance tips. Make sure to check out lawn mower reviews- https://pickbestlawnmower.com/ .

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