What socks to wear during hiking ?

socks are such boring, and often smelly, pieces of equipment that many people might wonder why I’ve created a page about them. Well, it is quite simple. The boring sock can make or break a hike. The sock is, second to the hiking boot, the most important piece of equipment worn hiking.

Why are socks so important? There’s a multitude of reasons.

First, wearing the wrong type of sock hiking is a guaranteed route to acquire the nemesis of all hikers—blisters.

Second, a dedicated hiking sock prevents stinky feet—another curse of hiking, especially in warm weather.

And finally, but not lastly, hiking socks provide comfort and cushion to the foot when out on longer hikes.

Due to the importance of the hiking sock, and to prevent hiker’s in Montana and elsewhere from having a miserable hiking

Quick Summary of Suggested Hiking Socks

If you’re shopping for hiking socks, here’s some suggestions:

Good Brands of Hiking Socks – There’s no shortage of hiking socks sold today. However, many brands have suspect durability. I own, and use, hiking socks from Smartwool, Thorlos and Wigwam. I’ve tried several big box store brands and, well, haven’t had much success with them. In particular, stay away from the so-called hiking socks found at Kohl’s.

If in Doubt, Go With Smartwool – If you’re bewildered by what type and brand of sock to get, my suggestion is to go with Smartwool Hiking Socks. There’s several other quality brands available, particularly Thorlos, but the feeling of soft shearling lying against the foot is hard to beat on a long hike.

Sock Thickness – For summer weather, go with a lightweight or mid-weight sock. For colder weather, go with a mid-weight or heavyweight sock.

Hiking Socks Aren’t Just for Hiking – They make superb “around the house” socks too, especially during the winter. Smartwool socks, in particular, work superbly to keep the feet warm.

credit: http://www.bigskyfishing.com/hiking-gear/hiking-socks.php

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